Banners, flags, bags

Banners of all sizes at competitive prices can’t be missed out in our offer. We will prepare the most suitable graphic design and arrange the installation too. We make flags and pennants shaped and designed the way our clients need, from small table pennants to large flags.


Plastic bags are made in all colours from HDPE or LDPE material. You can choose bags with handles as well as oval or “banana” cut out. The bags with handles are made in sizes 350x460mm, 440x460mm and 600x460mm, the ones with a cut out are available in sizes  250x360mm, 350x460mm, 440x460mm, 500x600mm. If you haven’t found the size you would like, don’t worry, just contact us and we will try to satisfy you!


We offer standard paper bags with handles or rotating handles, made of sulphate paper, or luxury bags with cotton handles and glossy laminate. They are made in different sizes and colours, contact us and we will help you choose the best option!

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